Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Current Everyday Makeup

This is my everyday makeup for right now. I don't use high end makeup just drugstore brands. I hope you enjoy! :)
 Lets start with foundation, Currently I use 2 foundations and they are Rimmel London clean finish matte foundation in 120 ivory and  Maybelline Fit me foundation in 115. I use more of the clean finish and mix a bit of the fit me into it. I do this mostly so that the colour matches me but also because the Rimmel london clean finish matte foundation tends to start to dry before its all blended  even though i do use a brush to apply it. But i find when i mix the 2 the consistency is a lot better and i can blend it out without trouble.
Sorry the items in the picture aren't in order of use.
Moving onto powder, I use Maybelline dream matte powder in light 4-5. I use this to just set my foundation, its really light and i really like it. The next thing i do is my eyes. I'm not really picky with eyeliners as long as its black and stays on well, But my most used eyeliner right now is Essence long lasting eye pencil in 01 Black fever. It goes on nice and stays on for a good amount of time also its really cheap ($2.50). Then I usually do a quick coat of mascara (some days I skip it) but i really like the Essence I love extreme volume mascara, Its got a really big brush and gives your eyelashes lots of volume. Also pictured is Maybelline great lash mascara, which is always a great one and you can't really go wrong with it. Lastly I usually just finish off with a colourful lip gloss sometimes a lipstick. But for lip glosses I really like the Essence XXXL shine lipgloss, I think the colour is Fabulous Fuchsia, but im not positive because the name wore off.
Anyways well I hope you liked my Current everyday makeup, I plan on doing a Essence review sometime in the near future and I hope you all have a great day! 

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